RiYuYami, (FF.Net DeviantART), has been drawing stuff out of my FanFics for a while. She is a great, great artist with so much talent…She has done FanArt for my fiction, Fragile Balance, as well as my fiction, Ocean of Tears.

Fragile Balance:


Ms. Johnson was aware that Seto Kaiba was famous for his short and to-the-point answers, “Yami, how would you prove that Mr. Kaiba’s wrong?” Yami was on the verge of hyperventilating now; how was he, the stupidest person alive, figure a flaw in Seto Kaiba’s answer? “I agree with him that Hamlet’s angry; his dad just died less than a month ago under mysterious circumstances while his mom brings his uncle to the castle. The throne is rightfully his, but his uncle takes it from him. He must feel angry, but I think that his anger is a result of his fear.” Ms. Johnson’s kind, hazel eyes narrowed further while Seto Kaiba’s gorgeous cerulean ones showed a willingness to hear what Yami had to say till the end, so he continued, “He’s afraid of what he was about to become, or not become to be more specific. His mom was obviously cheating on his dad because she got over him so quickly, which shows she never loved him. He’s afraid because his own birth right was snatched away from him. If that happened, I’d say that he’s scared more than ever because he knows that if he couldn’t get a birth right, then he couldn’t continue living. His confusion and betrayal is making him scared.”

Chapter Two:


Yugi frowned deeper and said, "Did you look in the mirror today morning? Do you realize how unwell you look?" Yami frowned in confusion and said, "I don't understand…" "Yami, look at this," Yugi hissed at him angrily, catching his wrist. "I can wrap my fingers around your wrist and there's still space for your other wrist to fit inside," he said in anger. Yami went silent and looked down at his wrist that was still held in his younger brother's hand, as if trying to understand what Yugi was saying, so Yugi spoke to him again, "Yami, I don't know what the hell mom's playing at, leaving you till you got to this condition, but I can't leave you to die. Tell me a time during this weekend you're not doing some idiotic schoolwork and I'll take you to a doctor."


Chapter Three:


Yami fidgeted slightly as Seto peered into his well-organized notebook. He was about to open his mouth to say something when Seto's awed voice interrupted him, "How much time do you spend on making your notebooks look so good?" Yami stared at him blankly, so Seto looked up to stare into the shocked crimson eyes and repeated, "How do you manage to keep your notebooks so pretty?" "They're…um…they're not," Yami quietly said, closing the notebook and putting it at the desk's corner. He avoided Seto's eyes and stared down at his hands which were twisting and turning in each other in nervousness in his lap. "Really? Look at my Economics notebook, and compare yours with it, okay?" Seto said, taking out his notebook, which was neat, but no where as neat as Yami's. "You want me to compare my notebook to yours?" Yami said, a laugh passing his lips as he stared incredulously at Seto. Seto stared, wondering what was so funny and how such an amazing laugh never usually surfaced. "Yeah, I want you to look at this," he said, and opened his notebook to an explanation of the costs involved in the long-run production and reached for Yami’s to open it onto the same page. “See,” he said, putting the two notebooks beside each other and pointing to them. Yami stared at him incredulously, still smiling as if Seto was asking him to do the unthinkable, so the brunet raised an eyebrow and said, “Just take a look.” Yami looked down at the two notebooks and Seto watched the confusion playing on the drawn, sad features. “You see what I’m saying?”


Chapter Four:


Yami gasped for breath as he stood as usual in front of the dark waters. God, he was so tired, no matter how much he didn't want to admit it. He felt slightly faint and everything hurt. Even his skin couldn't stand the gentle press of the clothes onto it and ached like crazy. He raised his arm so he could study it and check if anything he was doing mattered at all. He could feel the beginnings of a set of tears behind his eyes as he saw how chubby and flabby his arm looked. His mom's voice pierced his ear as she spoke to him a few months before school ended last year… "Do you know how big the possibility of you turning fat is? You have no idea how horrible and embarrassing that would look. Watch the way you eat, Yami, before it's too late!" She was right, as usual, he'd gone out of control and even though after she said that, he had stood in front of his bathroom's mirror and discovered truly how disgusting he was, he couldn't go back and change it. It had been too late, as she had placed it. A sob tried to escape past his lips, but he tried to hold it in. However, it decided to defy him anyway, so a combination of its defiance and his restraint brought it out as a small gasp. But with it, all his self-control slipped away into nothingness and he found his tears falling without his supervision. God, he felt so pressured and so angry and so uncomfortable. He just wanted it all to stop. Just wanted everything to stop. Stop making him hurt so badly on the inside, stop affecting people around him like it did with Yugi just minutes ago, stop making his mom so upset with him, stop making people lie to him… He didn't realize that his anger had decided to once again express itself loud and clear. He suddenly felt an unexpected soreness in his throat and a searing pain in his head and then realized that he had screamed out loud with all his might, trying to take it all out and make everything go away. But in the process, he realized that he succeeded in only taking out and away all his remaining energy. His right hand rose up as if to ease the excruciating pain shooting through his head, but he suddenly felt himself losing awareness. He was only aware of the soreness of his throat and his madly spinning surroundings and a pair of concerned blue eyes looking at him, before everything turned into a dark, endless abyss…


Chapter Five:


Yami got up and followed him back to the office. He stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and stared quietly at the garden outside, getting slowly drenched with the rainwater. Seto stepped beside him and watched him. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately. "Can I ask you something?" Seto said after a while. "You already did," Yami said with a shrug. "You’ve got a really warped sense of humor," Seto said, shaking his head. "I don't know if that was a compliment or not, but you can ask me a question," Yami said with another shrug, before he resumed while hugging himself protectively, "Though I'm not so sure you'll be able to get an answer for it." "It was a compliment, by the way." Seto mumbled and looked ahead at the same scene Yami was staring at and asked, "What is it that you want to stop?" Yami frowned and turned to look at him in puzzlement, "What do you mean?" Seto turned to him as well and let himself drown in the blood-red crimson depths of Yami's eyes, searching for an answer as he explained, "Earlier at the pier, you screamed out just one word. Stop. Stop what?" Yami's left eyebrow rose slightly, "So that was what came out. I didn't even realize that I shouted until it was actually over." "That wasn't a shout, Yami. That was utter and complete helplessness put into one word," Seto grumbled. Yami blushed and avoided his eyes, but before he did so, Seto caught an expression that told him that Yami was indeed utterly and completely helpless, as he had placed it. "I'm not so sure if I can answer that," Yami was saying, turning back to the scenery outside. "So what was it you were thinking of at that particular moment?" "Let it go," Yami whispered. "Why do you think that speaking if not spoken to, is the eighth of the seven deadly sins?" Yami looked up at him with a frown and said, "If all I'm going to say is just a big load of stupidity, then I should just keep quiet. It's not like the world could use an extra amount of noise pollution." Seto's mouth dropped for a moment and he said, "I can't believe you're saying that." "Believe it; it's the truth." "No it's not." "Is too." "Is not!" "Let it go," Yami said in tiredness.  "I don't know why you think so of what you speak, but I want you to know that I don't pick friends that are stupid or talk stupidly. I think that you are the most interesting person I've met in my whole life," Seto said honestly, shrugging.


Chapter Seven:


Yami gave Joey, Téa and Tristan a tiny smile and, as usual, segregated himself from them in a pleasant, graceful way that they didn't notice him when he left and started walking to school alone, his hands shoved into the pockets of his school jacket. He shouldn't have eaten the Twinkie. He felt so nauseous. He could hardly breathe in fear that he would embarrass himself more than necessary by throwing up. He was hardly ever hungry anymore nowadays. Even if he hadn't wanted to lose weight, he wouldn't have felt like eating. Especially today, he felt unable to put anything in his mouth, even though he felt his stomach twisting with desperate need for nutrition. For today morning, when he stood in front of his bathroom mirror, instead of seeing what he saw for the past eight months or so, he saw what completely confused him. He wasn't fat anymore. He was thin. Very thin actually. He had frowned, stepped away from the mirror, counted to ten, then stepped in front of it again to see that same thing. And it suddenly all made sense. Yugi telling him to eat, Seto telling him to eat. Finding clothes that suit him. The only thing not making sense is why his mom would constantly remind him of his weight. Maybe she also was like him. Maybe she also saw him the same way he saw himself before that morning?  But instead of feeling happy, he was terrified. What he saw in the mirror…it was scary. He had to put on weight. But how will he be able to do that if he can't eat? If he can't keep food down no matter how hungry he was? God, he was so messed up.


Chapter Fourteen:


After taking the phone from Yugi, Yami placed it onto his ear and said in a calm, composed voice, "Hey dad." "It's a hello, when you speak to an older person." The deep, calm voice hadn't changed a bit, not even the type of words it delivered to him. Yami sighed and sank to the floor to sit there, figuring that this conversation would be taking quite a long while. "Sorry, forgot," he said with a shrug, feeling slightly angry. After not hearing his voice for over six months, his dad had nothing to say to him except commenting on the inappropriateness of saying a 'hey' instead of a 'hello'? "Anyway, how are your studies going?" "Fine," Yami said with a shrug. His father gave a tut on the other end and said in an angry tone, "Yami, I want details. Why can't you give me…" "What do you want me to say, dad? If you had called a little earlier than this, you'd be updated on my grades last year. You were too busy to ask about my grades back then?" Yami viciously snapped, unable to stop what was formerly a slight tinge of anger from turning into pure, unbridled rage. "How dare you speak to me so disrespectfully!" "You want details of my grades?" Yami hissed, ignoring his father's comment on his sudden outburst. He also ignored the disbelieving, wide-eyed look on Yugi's face. Deep down, some rational part of Yami was telling him that he's going too far. But he didn't give a care at the moment; his mom, he's been putting up with her because she actually cared enough to check on his every move every day. He won't accept any bossing around from a father who called twice a year. "Last year's end-of-term grades, are all A-stars, dad. And overall average 99.5. And you know, at that time, I actually felt so bad that I lost that 0.5, and totally disregarded the fact that I'm the first student to get this average in Domino High's history. Why? Because, one: mom never forgot to follow your footsteps and criticize me till I felt that I'm the stupidest person on earth. And two: because you never bothered to even ask about my performance during last year." There was pin-drop silence in the living room and from his father's end. Yami was starting to feel dizzy with anger, and his vision was blotchy. Adrenaline was pumping through his body at the outburst. Finally his dad broke the silence, and when he did, Yami clenched his fists more at what he heard, and got up so he could set the phone down when he needed, "Well, with that sort of attitude and way of speaking to a parent, I'm sure that's the furthest you can reach in that school; I'm sure that your popularity and how much you are liked by your tutors are not too…" It was enough, Yami felt, as he let all his pent up emotions come out on his dad, as he yelled out in anger, "I cannot believe how ignorant you are! If you are going to walk around throwing comments like that, at least have the minimum amount of knowledge about what you're saying. How the hell do you know how popular or unpopular I am? How do you know that my teachers love or hate me? If you had met my school's Principal just once, you'd get to know that next year, I'll be the first person to be the school magazine's editor and the Student Council's Head Boy at the same time. If you had met one of my teachers, they'd all tell you how much they treasure and value my opinions and answers. I'm not going to ask you to speak to my friends, because up to a very recent time, I had none. Because you told me back in Egypt that no one would be willing to be my friend for free…" Once again, there was extreme silence, but this time, Yami was the one who broke it with a voice which he barely managed to keep from wavering, as the anger left him, leaving behind the sadness of the realization that he had spoken so rudely and with such animosity to his father, and as one tear of many to come slid down his face. "So don't… if you haven't done all those things and spoken to those people…don't give yourself the right to call and throw nasty remarks at me…" "Your mother called me yesterday evening Yami and she told me that she fears that you're having some sort of a relationship with another…boy," Yami's eyes widened at the words. "I called to speak to you about it." "There's nothing to speak about, dad." "Yes there is." "No, there isn't. Who I spend time with, is my choice. Not yours. Not mom's." Yami said with a calm, steady voice. Since the start of the conversation, this was the issue he was willing to slam the phone shut on his dad if it is argued more than that. Seto is the best thing happening to him at the current time… "Yami, don't make this more complicated…" "I'm not complicating things, dad. The time I'm spending with Seto is the best I've spent in my entire life. I love him and he loves me more than anyone did so far. So if you have any kind of trouble with that, consider disowning me or something. You'd be doing me a favor." There was another period silence stretching for a few seconds, before Yami heard his dad saying in a barely-controlled voice, "This conversation is not over, Yami." "To me, it is." Yami whispered back, feeling slightly light-headed and nauseous as the adrenaline which had previously fuelled his anger, left his body. He took a deep breath, in the process amplifying the feeling of being sick and the frequency of the falling tears, and said, "I have to go, dad, it was nice hearing from you." "Goodbye Yami." "Bye…" Yami whispered, lowering the hand that held the phone. He kept his head bowed a little, before storming out of the living room to go upstairs, feeling his stomach heaving.


Ocean of Tears:

Chapter One:

Chapter Two:

She also drew a bonus-piccy, which could be considered from one of my fanfics, because they “are usually like that” Tehe~

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    Nice… They’re all mega kawii! I love ’em!

  2. where do you find your other fanfics?I can only find 3 at fanfiction.net.

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