Dao/Daomoua2, (DeviantART though she’s hidden everything there), who is so damn talented, she should be arrested for her talent and awesomeness, has…I don’t know…she suddenly started a threadt at Fragile Balance, dedicated to Ocean of Tears…:IS SHOCKED!: I am sooooo honored that she is doing this. I never expected…I didn’t think she…:speechles!!: Anyway, here’s the link to the thread: CLICK

And here’re the pictures:

Dao: "parody of hathors Wonderful doll= beautiful doll."

The tentacle-rape scene ❤


  1. QueenManaOfEgypt

    You’re right! She should be arrested!
    -sets out to do find Dao and do just that-
    Imma going to read her, her rights!
    She has the right to draw, she has the right to be preserved in ice so that all generations hereafter my love her fan art too! And finally, she has the to be awesome. Anything she draws can and will be saved to my flash drive!

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