Fan Art

Alright, so I changed the page’s title so that it’s now “Fan Art” instead of RiYuYami’s art only, since a HUGE number of people have been drawing stuff for me and it’s simply too sweet to not put up here anymore.

So, to see each artist’s “gifties” as I would love to call them, click on their penname and it’ll take you to a separate page for their art.

  1. Aww, you’re making me blush… *hides her face* And this is fine, no worries!

    This is so cool! I’ve never been so honored before!

    I’ll get more pictures up soon! And for someone to draw pictures for your stories is a sign that you are an awesome writer, which you are! So don’t think so lowely of your work my dear.

  2. ::.sheepish grin:: You are more awesome that me 😀 ::cute look…and Yami throws up as a result::

  3. How am I more awesome then you? You write better then I do.

    *looks at Yami and sweatdrops*

  4. NOOOOOO! ME NOT WRITE BETTER THAN RIRI WRITES! ::.once again, cute look::

    ::Seto attempting to revive Yami, who has passed out::

  5. Yes you are, you have more readers then I do and your stories keep to the plot better then mine.

    *blinks* Oh my…

  6. ::.points to self:: Me? Keep plot better than you? You’re joking. ::huggles Yami in his hospital bed and the heart monitor starts going haywire!::

  7. Yes, you do.

    *looks scared*

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